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Voice mail systems can be one of the best tools for a business to service and give your customers the information they are looking for more quickly. It enables you and your staff to work more efficiently by handling call traffic more effectively.

At Communications Concepts we provide a variety of voicemail systems to insure the closest possible integration for your business needs. Here we are just a few of the most popular solutions in the industry. We will help you determine what fits your needs and provide ongoing support after your system is installed.


- Avaya Unified Messaging
- Avaya Merlin Messaging
- Avaya Partner Messaging

Northern Telecom
- Northern Telecom Norstar Flash
- Northern Telecom Flash Talk
- Northern Telecom Start Talk
- Norstar Applications Module (NAM)

- Voicegate Voice Wizard
- Voicegate Lite
- Voicegate VIP 4000
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